What is CCU’s Prior Learning Assessment Program?

Adult students are unique in many ways. Unlike students fresh out of high school, older students bring something to the college classroom that many younger students are simply unable to due to their age: years of life experience. But what good is life experience when it comes to earning your degree? Colleges and universities around the country are allowing adult students to earn college credit for life experience through what is called Prior Learning Credit (PLC), a portfolio submission process that awards credit hours for life “work” rather than course work.

Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies offers a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) portfolio program designed to help adult students earn college credit for real-life knowledge and experience not taught in an academic setting. This “real world” learning is valued, and, therefore results in earning college credits. CCU adheres to the standards set forth by the Council for the Advancement of Experiential Learning (CAEL) and the American Council on Education when it comes to evaluating and accepting PLC.

CCU’s Prior Learning Assessment course helps adult students learn the portfolio submission process and in what areas college credit may be earned. At CCU, there are four General Education areas approved for life learning papers submission: oral communications, creative arts, computer science, and behavioral/social science.

Information and skills learned from coursework completed at other institutions of higher learning would not count toward PLC, but instead could be transferred as actual credit hours, if credit transfer requirements are met.

This program is an exciting opportunity for adult students to save money and more quickly work through their degree program. The faculty and staff at CCU value what you have learned over the years and want you to share your wisdom with us and your peers. Your CCU enrollment counselor will explain how PLC works and discuss with you whether or not you’d be a candidate for this program.

The introductory PLA 200 course walks students through the requirements to build a Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio that represents learning that has taken place through life experience, career training, and in other non-traditional learning environments. Three elective semester hours may be earned through PLA 200, the Prior Learning Assessment course. “Life learning” papers can be written on a variety of subjects such as work in your career, volunteerism, and ministry in which you’ve participated. If you qualify for PLC, you can earn up to 31 credit hours through the PLA process.

Please download the Prior Learning Assessment flyer for more information or contact CCU today!