CCU’s Online MBA Degree: One Student’s Perspective

Online MBA degreeRecently, the CCU/CAGS blog staff was presented with a rare opportunity: An interview with a current CCU/CAGS student to hear his thoughts regarding the degree program in which he is currently enrolled, his thoughts regarding the CCU philosophy, and his impressions of his academic experience overall.

CCU From a Student’s Point of View

The student, who will be referred to as “John” in this blog, received his Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in the early 1990’s and is currently enrolled in the Online MBA Degree Program at CCU, which requires 39 credit hours. John’s MBA degree emphasis is “Leadership,” and he is currently in his second course for this program. John has an extensive background in the insurance business and was recently laid off but is confident to be returning to work in the next couple of weeks. Education has always been a priority in John’s family as his wife is a teacher in the Douglas County School District and is an adjunct professor at the university level.

When John was asked why he decided to begin a master’s degree in his early forties, he explained that in today’s competitive market, it’s imperative that someone in his field have an advanced degree. Clients are looking for the candidate with the education and skill set to get the job done, and John feels that an MBA from CCU will provide him the advanced information and training he needs to be a contender in the competitive world of business management.  John was also not able to pursue an advanced degree prior to this year due to work responsibilities, family responsibilities and a great deal of geographical re-location due to his work. There was no time to take classes while John was so active in his career, but when he decided that it was time to pursue an MBA, he looked at several schools before deciding that Colorado Christian University was the best choice for him.

Why CCU?

When John began looking into CCU, he “got a good feeling” right from the start. There were certain criteria John had in mind as he looked at different schools. He needed scheduling flexibility due to his family (he has young children) and his work schedule (at previous jobs, John often put in 50-60 hour work weeks). He looked at five or six other schools, and during that time, decided that he and his family should stay in Colorado.

He chose CCU for many reasons, and the fact that CCU is a faith-based university was extremely important to him. He was especially intrigued by the online MBA program because taking courses online would afford John the freedom and flexibility he needed to continue his career as a businessman and give his clients the time they expected and deserved.  John was also looking for an accredited school with a superb reputation, and he found everything he was looking for in CCU.

Online Advantages

Two classes into his MBA degree program, John says he spends about 20-25 hours per week on coursework. When asked if the online educational experience was as fulfilling as the “in-seat” experience he had as an undergrad, John spoke very highly of the entire online degree experience.  He said that the system for receiving and submitting assignments (the course shell) is extremely user-friendly and reliable, and he emphasized that he felt the collaborative spirit that you’d think would exist only with an on-campus educational experience.

John said his instructors have been very helpful and easily accessible when it comes to getting questions answered and receiving feedback on submitted assignments. There are numerous ways to interact with fellow students and instructors, and your grades are always available. He enjoys the diversity of the teaching styles he has witnessed and looks forward to two years of what he believes will be intriguing, challenging and fulfilling coursework that will, in the long run, help him be even more successful in the business arena.

Looking to the Future

John spoke at length about “faith-based” companies and said that many businesses truly care about the ethical and moral standards of their employees. There are companies that are leading with Biblical principles, and he knows that a CCU education will certainly help him to “stand out” when it comes time for résumés to be reviewed by those in charge of hiring.

John is hopeful that upon graduating with a Master’s of Business Administration from Colorado Christian University, he will be more marketable in the workforce, his clients will be confident he possesses the knowledge and skill set necessary to provide them what they need, and he will have accomplished a goal he’s had for several years. An MBA will establish additional credibility with clients and will afford John the ability to compete with other MBA holders out there for the highest positions in most successful companies.

Thanks, John and good luck with your online MBA degree!