Education Spotlight: The School of Humanities and Sciences

School of Humanities and SciencesColorado Christian University offers a wide variety of degree programs to appeal to a wide variety of educational interests and career goals. Whether you are interested in a career in front of the camera or a career behind the lens of a microscope, we have the degree for you. CCU is comprised of schools including the School of Music, the School of Education, the School of Theology and the School of Business and Leadership. We have decided to spotlight each of these schools, and this month, we’d like to begin our education spotlight in August 2012 with The School of Humanities and Sciences, CCU’s largest and most diverse academic school. Read a little bit about one of the school’s Associate Professors of English, Dr. Janet Black, who is in the Faculty Spotlight this month. The following departments are housed in The School or Humanities and Sciences:

  • Communication
  • Languages and Literature
  • Natural Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Social Science

Academic Focus

The Communication Department offers a variety of academic programs including a major and minor in Communication; an emphasis in Interpersonal Communication; an emphasis in Journalism/Mass Media; an emphasis in Organizational Communication; an emphasis in Public Speaking; and a Debate Program that is open to all majors.

The Languages and Literature Department offers an English degree in Creative Writing and Literary Studies and a Liberal Arts degree, which involves Communication, English, Global Studies, History, Political Science and Psychology.

The Natural Sciences Department offers a Biology major, a Chemistry minor, a Health Sciences major, a Pre-med major, and a Science major.

The Psychology Department offers a major and minor in Psychology.

The Social Sciences Department offers a Global Studies major and minor; a History major and minor; a Political Science major and minor; and a Social Science major.

Activities and Opportunities

Since you obviously can’t study 24 hours a day and the faculty wouldn’t want you to, CCU strives to provide challenging, yet fun, extracurricular activities associated with the degree programs offered by The School of Humanities and Sciences. In addition to the Debate Program that is open to all majors, CCU has student publications that help prepare students for a variety of careers and leadership opportunities. The Digital Media Lab at CCU, led by Emmy Award-winning producer, Jess Stainbrook, provides students with exposure to all types of digital media and production, and you can earn academic credit for your time spent in the Digital Media Lab.

The Rocky Mountain Communication Association is open to communications related students, faculty and professionals in Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. Participants share research findings and present papers related to their fields.

Poetry readings sponsored by the Literary Club happen twice annually (don’t worry–no one is forced to participate but everyone is encouraged to do so!). The English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta, requires a GPA of 3.0 overall and a 3.5 GPA in English coursework. CCU’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta is called the Alpha Omicron Zeta chapter, and you must be invited to become a member of this International English Honors Society.

Project C.U.R.E, for those interested in the sciences and assisting the needy, helps meet the need for medical services and supplies in developing countries. Project C.U.R.E. is the world’s largest distributor of donated medical supplies and currently assists over 120 countries worldwide.

The Rocky Mountain Psychological Association allows psychology majors to participate in academic research projects and then present the results at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association conference, a nationally-known conference for student researchers in the Rocky Mountain area (covers eight states).

Career Opportunities

Regardless of your degree of study, The School of Humanities and Sciences will prepare you for your life’s work whether it be in advertising, television, writing, research, teaching, medicine, or social work. Here are some specifics careers you may pursue with a degree from The School of Humanities and Sciences:

Communication Careers

  • Advertising
  • Editing
  • Public Relations
  • Radio/TV Broadcast
  • Writing
  • Ministry
  • Mission Trip Coordinator
  • Sales
  • Financial Investor

Language and Literature Careers

  • Writer (creative, technical, research, copywriter)
  • Media
  • Teacher
  • Marketer
  • Publisher
  • Editor
  • Journalist

Sciences and Math

  • Research
  • Pharmacology
  • Teacher
  • Banking
  • Computer programming
  • Economist
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Toxicology
  • Forensic Science
  • Medical Professions
  • Chemist
  • Medical Sales


  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Case Worker
  • Corrections Officer
  • Parole Officer
  • Mental Health Professional
  • Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Human Resources Counselor

Social Sciences

  • Educator
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer/other Criminal Justice Professions
  • Homeland Security
  • Peace Corps
  • Government Jobs
  • Military
  • Politics

CCU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, which is recognized by the United States Department of Education and the Council on  Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

CCU is a top-notch University that will provide a well-rounded education focused on intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth. CCU’s mission: “To cultivate knowledge and love of God in a Christ-centered community of learners and scholars, with an enduring commitment to the integration of exemplary academics, spiritual formation, and engagement with the world.”

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