How to Choose a Major

How to Choose a MajorDo you know what you want to do for a living but don’t know quite how to go about getting there? Or, do you know what field you want focus your career on but don’t know which degree program would best prepare you for that field? If you are thinking about how to choose a major and are concerned about making the wrong choice when it comes to declaring a major, you are not alone. Many students enroll without being 100% certain of which major to declare.

At Colorado Christian University, we have experience helping adult students choose a major that will help get them closer to their “dream job.” If you know you’re good in numbers and have been a bookkeeper for years but are not sure which financial degree to pursue, we can help. If you want to go to medical school but don’t know which bachelor’s degree to begin, we can help. If you have credits from another university and want to change majors but aren’t quite sure which one to pursue yet, we can help.

Undecided? How About “Undeclared”?

CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) allows you to start a bachelor’s degree program as an “undeclared major” if you are undecided.  This allows you to begin your degree by taking general education courses that are required for all bachelor’s degree students at CCU. We hope that by taking courses in the following areas, you will find what you are truly passionate about and get a better idea of which major will help you accomplish your education and career goals:

  • Communications
  • Humanities
  • Behavioral and Social Science
  • Biblical Studies
  •  Natural Science
  • Computer Science

CCU Enrollment Counselors can discuss how to choose a major with you and offer some tips on what you can do to help yourself make this very important decision.