Special Education Degree–A Special Calling

Special Education degreeIf you have always wanted to work in the field of special education, Colorado Christian University has an excellent special education generalist undergraduate program. This program is for students who want to work with children with disabilities. The special education generalist provides instruction to students with disabilities across all disciplines. If you are a good problem solver who likes to ask questions and explore different subjects and you believe that all students can learn, but learn differently, you may be interested in hearing more about the special education degree programs at CCU.

The special education degree is taught from a Christian worldview; the program helps mold educators dedicated to addressing the wide variety of student needs in the classroom and in society. This program has small class sizes, which allows students even more individualized attention from instructors and access to instructors who are professionals in this field. Graduates of this degree program are qualified to teach K-12 special education in Colorado, and those who earn licensure will be able to teach in public schools. Special education teachers are in great need, so you may qualify for the TEACH grant if you’re a special education student or prospective special education student at CCU. Please review the Scholarships and Grants for Adult and Graduate Students page for more information about this and other grants and scholarships for education students.

Job Outlook for Special Education Teachers

According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, special education teachers’ median pay is a little over $53K a year, and in 2010, there were over 450, 000 positions to fill with a job outlook growth of 17% (as fast as average) for the next two years (up til end of 2012). Growth is expected because of increasing enrollment and continued demand for special education services. The BLS reports that overall enrollment in elementary and secondary schools is expected to rise from 2010 to 2020, increasing the number of special education needed. Children with special needs are being identified at a younger age, increasing the need for special education teachers for young children. Another factor contributing to the large number of special education positions to fill is the fact that between 2010 and 2020, a significant number of special ed teachers are expected to reach retirement age, and the high number of retirements will create job openings for new teachers.

Special Education Degree Programs at CCU

CCU offers these degrees in special education:

B.A. Liberal Arts with Special Education Generalist Licensing: For students who wish to obtain a degree and license to teach special education in Colorado schools. Upon completion of the program, candidates apply to the Colorado Department of Education for a teaching license. A passing score on the PLACE Special Education Generalist exam is necessary to receive your teacher’s license.

B.A. Liberal Arts with Special Education Generalist Theory: For students who wish to obtain their degree but do not plan to teach immediately upon program completion. Field experiences, rather than student teaching, are required for this degree program, and graduates may obtain their license in the future or may teach in a school that does not require Colorado licensure.

Post-baccalaureate Special Education Generalist Licensing: For students who already have a bachelor’s degree and now want to obtain a license that allows them to teach in kindergarten through twelfth grades in Colorado schools.

To learn more about the admissions requirements or financial aid opportunities for a special education degree, please visit our website or contact CCU.