Business Side of Healthcare–Healthcare Administration Careers

Business Side of Health CareColorado Christian University offers degree programs that are focused on the business side of healthcare. Not only degree programs in nursing and related careers involve hands-on work with the sick. Hospitals, doctors office, nursing home and hospice facilities are a business, so each of these require employees with a background in business and business administration. Departments such as intake and discharge, insurance, medical equipment purchase and rental, human resources, public relations, advertising, accounting and the like require people with a business education. If you are interested in the healthcare field but prefer to work in the business side of healthcare, CCU has degree programs that prepare you for these very important healthcare administration careers.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration at CCU provides students with a thorough understanding of the healthcare system and crucial practical skills to lead others in this ever-evolving field. Since all courses are taught from a Christian worldview, you’ll also gain opportunities to discuss important issues in health care today such as ethical considerations, quality of life issues and personal interactions. Because CCU instructors are professionals in this field, your education will be facilitated by healthcare professionals with a great deal of experience in this growing discipline.

What You’ll Learn in Healthcare Administration Programs

Healthcare Administration coursework will prepare for all aspects of this exciting field. Understanding of the latest laws and regulations affecting health care, and learning about the financial concerns affecting delivery of health care, will enable you to serve more effectively. Healthcare administrators must become skilled at leading and managing others in order to provide the best experience possible to patients and healthcare workers.

If you complete all of the General Education Core requirements (53 credit hours) in CCU’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing pre-licensure program, you will have also met all General Education requirements in the B.S. in Health Care Administration if you should ever want to transfer to this program.

Classes can be taken on campus or online.

An Associate Degree in Health Care Administration at CCU provides a solid introduction toward becoming a future healthcare leader. Because courses are taught with a Christian worldview, you’ll explore the importance of ethical considerations while understanding what it takes to lead others as a servant of God

Health Care Administration Bachelor’s Degree Program Benefits

  • The Healthcare Administration field is expected to grow over 22% by 2020
  • Job possibilities are extensive–all positively impact the lives of others
  • Program is designed for busy working adults or those with family responsibilities
  • Students take one course at a time–classes meet one night a week for five weeks
  • Online coursework (weekly assignments) may be completed around your schedule
  • Small classes allow for a great deal of individualized attention

If you would like to learn more about the Healthcare Administration degree programs at CCU, please visit the Admissions page or contact CCU.