Jobs in High Demand: Nurses in Colorado

Jobs in High DemandNursing is definitely one of those “jobs in high demand” you often hear enrollment counselors and admissions specialists talking about to prospective college students. If you enjoy taking care of others and dedicating your life to serving the Lord and others in a healthcare position, then a nursing degree from Colorado Christian University may be perfect for you. Nurses are desperately needed in Colorado and across the nation. Here are some facts and figures about the nursing profession that will show you that nursing is certainly one of many jobs in high demand right now.

Nursing Jobs Facts and Figures

The following information has been provided by the website of the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence:

  • Projected increases in the demand for nurses due to health care reforms, baby boomer nurse retirements, and Colorado’s growing older population will cause an increased need for nurses in the state of Colorado.
  • To meet the increased demand for nurses, full enrollment in nursing student programs is imperative to meet the healthcare needs of Coloradans.
  • The healthcare and social service sector provides employment to 11% of Colorado employees (1 in 9). It is second only to retail in its total job volume, with 253,000 employees and generates an annual payroll of over $11 billion.
  • Even without considering any healthcare reform, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment projects a need for 18,990 additional registered nurses from 2008 to 2018. These nurses will be needed to replace retiring nurses (6,750) and to respond to increased health care demand due to population growth (12,240).
  • Based on the fact that 32% (20,000) of the state’s licensed RNs are currently over 55, it is believed that the number of new nurses to replace retiring nurses will be even larger than government estimates indicate. In 1993, only 9% of Colorado’s healthcare workforce was over the age of 55; today, it is 20%.
  • Because the state’s population will expand by one million and there will be 389,000 more adults over 65, Colorado will face an increasing demand for healthcare workers in the coming decade.
  • Colorado needs 1,780 more nurses now to reach the national average nurse-to-population ratio.
  • Conservative assumptions indicate that Colorado will be short 6,300 registered nurses by 2018.
  • As the uninsured gain increased access to care, there’s an expected increase in the demand for registered nurses in physician offices, community care clinics, public health and other healthcare facilities.

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  • Kjirsten Wright

    Nursing is defiantly a profession that needs Christian nurses. I am fortunate to know quite a few of them but I also realize that there is still a great need. God bless the hands that serve, nurture and care for those who are ill. May God bless your hands to do His ministry and many a hearts be opened to his love! Thank you for the work that you do, you are truly appreciated!

  • Kjirsten Wright

    I meant to say definitely… not defiantly…. sorry for the misspelling! 🙂