New Colorado Christian University Website Launched

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Colorado Christian University website, you may have noticed that the site got quite the makeover last month. In fact, the site underwent a complete re-design, and the new site is getting rave reviews! What prompted CCU to do a complete overhaul of its website? With so much forward movement occurring at CCU and so many positive things happening like being given an “A” by ACTA, an honor that indicates CCU is in the top 2% of colleges and universities nationwide and being named a “College of Distinction,” it seemed fitting to create a website that matched the energetic, vibrant and robust environment that is buzzing at Colorado Christian University.

One of the most exciting (and user friendly) features of the new CCU website is that it’s “responsive,” which, in Web Dev speak, means it’s mobile device compatible. If you go to the site on your smartphone, the site will automatically adjust its width to match the width of the mobile device you’re using. This feature makes the site easily accessible while on the go, away from a normal-sized computer monitor. Visitors to the new university website will notice robust colors and vibrant images featured prominently on just about every page on the entire site. The site has a concise navigation and organizational structure allowing visitors to find the programs you want more quickly and easily.

The new site was launched October 9, the same day CCU President Bill Armstrong announced that a new campus would be built on CCU’s current property on Alameda Avenue in Lakewood, Colorado. The first building will provide state-of-the-art classrooms and will house faculty and student offices. The three-story atrium will certainly be a focal point for the CCU community and will welcome students and visitors. This gorgeous new building will have a multi-purpose assembly hall, a food service outlet (similar to convenience store food) and a study area.

Stay tuned to the CCU/CAGS blog for more information about CCU’s progress, honors, new degree programs and general announcements.