Stacey Vlasicak on Croatia, Careers, Christianity and CCU

Stacey Vlasicak Helmet CameraPart II

If you have not read the first part of our interview with Stacey Vlasicak, or if you have but need a little reminder of what we discussed, please read part one of the blog, “Stacey Vlasicak on Croatia, Careers, Christianity and CCU.”

So, after leaving Merrill Lynch and while working as a Volunteer Coordinator for the Denver Rescue Mission, Stacey enrolled in CCU, which accepted the majority of her credits from previous vocational training and courses.

In June 2006, Stacey received a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management in Human Resources. She obtained her Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification; in January 2007, CCU hired her as a recruiter and human resources manager, and in 2011, she earned a Master’s in Business Administration from CCU. Upon receiving her PHR, Stacey began teaching PHL 215, the first course requirement in CAGS. This important class helps you to define your worldview and helps you to see that you have certain gifts. The course helps you learn how to use those gifts in your work because that’s what God intends for you. Stacey enjoys teaching PHL 215 immensely because she feels so connected to her students—after all, she was just like them in many ways, and by sharing her experiences, they, too, will see that they can achieve all their goals and realize all their dreams just like Stacey did. She wanted to give back to the university that had changed her life and what better way to do so than to help others who were just like her—people had to start anew after leaving a job or career they thought they’d have forever.

Tips for Job Seekers—Guidance to Help You Find Your Dream Job

Stacey has some very interesting, insightful and practical ideas when it comes to job seeking. She holds true to the belief system that every person is gifted in a particular way and that we must find employment that will allow us to use our God-given gifts. Employees will be happier and more excited about their work when they are doing what they were meant to do, and employers will be happier if they have staff members who are truly passionate about their work.

Stacey suggests a holistic approach to find the job that will be perfect for you and make you happy. Keep in mind what you love to do and what you don’t enjoy. Focus on your strengths and pursue jobs that will allow you to utilize those strengths. You want a job that is going to fulfill you, and it takes time to find a job that will stimulate intellectually and spiritually. Finding the “right” job is neither fast nor is it easy. Because bills don’t stop coming in while you look for your dream job and families must be taken care of, job seekers often want to find employment quickly. But to find the job that is truly meant for you takes time and patience. You can certainly work at other jobs in the meantime to pay the bills, but please realize that finding the job you were meant for does take time. But in the end, that time, effort, diligence and patience will all be worth it.

One very crucial aspect of choosing a job that will fulfill you is that you are aligned with the company’s mission statement. If you are not supportive of a company’s goals and vision, you cannot “pretend” to go along with it as this will only make you miserable. You must align your beliefs with your gifts, and you must make sure your employer and the company for which you work value and respect your beliefs. It’s just as important that your employer thinks you’re a perfect fit for a particular job as you do, and if you can’t fully support your prospective employer’s mission and vision, then any feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment or happiness regarding that job will surely be short-lived. You must “have a really good grasp of what is important to you and what kind of mission statement you can support,” according to Stacey

Stacey advises people to go on job interviews even if it may not be the perfect job for you. Interviewing for various positions gives you practice and puts you more at ease with the interview process. Going on several interviews prepares you to answer a variety of questions as you never know what an employer may ask. By the time your dream job comes along, you’ll be polished and confident, and you will wow your prospective employer with your poise and relaxed demeanor. But always let your enthusiasm for the job shine through and hone in on the skills you possess that make you the perfect choice for the job. How can any employer NOT choose you for the job??

Stacey Vlasicak, MBA, PHR can be contacted at her office (303) 963-3418 or via email at