Business Administration Degree Programs Open Doors

Business Administration Degree ProgramsHave you dreamed about becoming a financial analyst at a Fortune 500 company, or maybe you picture yourself as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a company you started at years ago at an entry level position. What will lead you to these types of positions? Business Administration degree programs at Colorado Christian University open doors and create exciting employment opportunities. Have you always wanted to be the “boss”? Do you have a knack for numbers and organizational management? Are you a natural leader who likes to take initiative (and charge) when it comes to projects in school, at work or even at home? If so, you may want to explore the various Business Administration degree programs offered by CCU’s College of Adult & Graduate Studies (CAGS).

Are you interested in big business? What about small business operations? According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses represent a staggering 99% of all employers in the United States and are responsible for generating over 50% of all new jobs created in this country. That’s very hopeful for those of you considering pursing a business degree. But if there are that many businesses out there, that means there are quite a few businessmen businesswomen out there vying for jobs. But with the right “stuff,” passion, ambition and Christ on your side, you could be a trailblazer in the very exciting world of big and small business.

Business Administration Degrees at CCU

Let’s take a look at the varying degrees you may pursue at Colorado Christian University related to business leadership. If you’re a non-traditional student who began a college degree years ago but never finished, you’ll be amazed to see the wide variety of specializations you may choose from when pursuing a business degree. One thing that CCU is very excited about is that our business administration professors have outstanding academic credentials and a great deal of experience in the business world as having worked in law firms, Fortune 500 companies, smaller firms and high-tech companies for many years prior to and while teaching at CCU. Having professors who have connections in the world of business will prove to be another huge asset upon completion of your degree. You just may be able to transition right into a great job upon graduation if you have what that company is looking for in a business administrator.

CCU believes in a rising demand of for business leaders equipped with “practical knowledge, sound decision-making skills, entrepreneurial vision…and ethical focus.” Ethics must be a part of your everyday business activity and is central to “how we operate in business and everyday life.” Rather than depending on what society has deemed as right and wrong, we, at CCU believe that ethics must “rely upon an understanding of morality based upon Scripture and a Christian worldview.”

Business Administration Associate’s Degree–2-year program that combines business courses with a liberal arts education. Students are provided an overview of the areas that are common to all or most businesses including accounting, finance, management, marketing and computer information systems. Ethical leadership and values are a part of this curriculum and will be discussed in every course. Students will learn how to use accounting information to support decision making and how the global economy are impacted by economic systems. You’ll study marketing concepts and how to use statistical analysis for effective decision making.

Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration–Areas of focus are business management, project management, ethics and international considerations, and real-world learning experience.

Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA)–Leadership-oriented MBA programs are for those students looking to be leaders in the business world.

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