Best Places to Find Religious Scholarships

Religious ScholarshipsAs you search online for religious scholarships, you may be surprised by the number of scholarships awarded each year based on religious affiliation. Religious scholarships often sponsored by not-for-profit religious groups or ministries may be the difference in whether you can afford to pay for your college education or not. It is worth your time and effort to take a look at what’s out there and explore the option of religion-based scholarships. If you want to pursue Biblical Studies, want to go to seminary school or just identify yourself as Christian and want an education with a Christian worldview, do thorough research to see what is available out there as many organizations have money set aside for religious scholarships.

While some religious scholarships may be reserved for people actively involved in their religious community, there are some out there for non-traditional students such as yourself. To show support in their communities, religious groups often provide financial support to members who want to pursue a degree in the form of scholarship money.

The website,, has a number of scholarships available, but you have to take your time and sort through them to see which apply to you. Some have very specific requirements while others are open to more candidates. This site is a quick, easy and free way to find scholarships on the Internet. The results have been filtered and customized to match specific user profiles. A great deal of research went into creating this site and resulted from other sites’ inability to quickly and easily provide scholarship information to prospective students in a safe, secure and efficient manner. According to the site:

“Our team of scholarship researchers works year-round to maintain accurate award information. This team works closely with scholarship providers to ensure that students using our site receive current and accurate scholarship information–and the scholarships in our database have been submitted or verified by the actual award providers.”

Another website for finding religious (and other) scholarships is, which has scholarship opportunities broken down into categories like “Baptist Scholarships,” “Christian Scholarships,” “Methodist Scholarships,” etc. You simply click on the links that interest you the most.

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