Career Path for Health Care Administration Degree

career path in healthcare administrationAssociate’s Degree in Health Care Administration Coming Summer 2013

Colorado Christian University is thrilled that the first class for an online Associate’s Degree in Health Care Administration begins this summer! The 60-hour HCA Associate’s Degree program can be completed in under two years without any prior coursework having been completed. This is an exciting opportunity in a quickly-growing field with many job opportunities available,and the demand for Health Care Administrators is expected to grow over the next several years according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics information on healthcare management positions.

An associate degree in Health Care Administration at CCU provides a solid introduction toward becoming a leader in the health care field. Courses, as with all degree programs, are taught from a Christian worldview, which means, “You’ll grasp the importance of ethical considerations while understanding crucial aspects of leading others as a servant leader.”

In the Health Care Administration program, you’ll be introduced to health care terminology, delivery systems, and informatics which will help you with patient care decisions. You will also gain knowledge about human resources and will combine all of this with an examination of spirituality and ethics in health care. You will come to understand the importance of admirable, sacred calling of the health care industry.

An Associate’s Degree may be your first step in your career path toward a higher level Health Care Administration degree. Or you may choose to begin your health care management career with a certificate program, also offered online (and in-seat).

Health Care Administration Certificate

The Health Care Administration certificate will provide you with the fundamentals in this field. You’ll come to learn the basics of health care delivery, including a grasp of the latest changes in policies and regulations, and gain a strong understanding of the financial and ethical aspects to the health care field.

You’ll come to learn medical terminology as you understand the basics of managing a medical staff, appraising patient outcomes, and directing organizational change. The Health Care Administration certificate is available as a stand-alone program or used to supplement the associate’s degree program.

Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration

The online only program for a Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration also starts summer of 2013, and this degree will provide you an in-depth understanding of health care and practical skills necessary to lead others in the health care field.

Since all courses are taught from a Christian worldview, you’ll also gain opportunities to discuss and grapple with pressing issues in health care today — including ethical considerations, quality of life issues, and personal interactions. All instructors are professionals within the field of health care, and they will prepare you with the latest information in ever-changing, rapidly-growing industry.

You’ll be trained in a wide array of health care topics. Knowledge in statistics and informatics will help you meet patient needs; understanding of the latest laws and regulations affecting health care, and fiscal concerns affecting efficient delivery of health care, will enable you to serve patients and colleagues effectively.

If you have questions about how to enroll in the CCU College of Adult and Graduate Studies, please contact the Admissions Office at 303.963.3311, and someone will help you with all your questions.