Criminal Justice Degrees Online–Jobs in High Demand

Criminal Justice Degrees OnlineAre you interested in an exciting career in criminal justice? If so, Colorado Christian University has criminal justice degrees online and on campus; CCU’s online criminal justice degrees are specifically designed for individuals who are currently working full- or part-time or who have family responsibilities and cannot attend classes on campus. One of the many wonderful things about pursuing a degree in criminal justice is that these jobs are in high demand and the demand is expected to grow in the coming years. Let’s first take a look at the criminal justice degrees offered online at CCU and then look at some of the high demand jobs these degree programs may lead you to. CCU also has a certificate program in criminal justice, which provides the student the fundamentals of the criminal justice program and other topics such as the American criminal justice system and policing.

According to the Criminal Justice College Guide’s article, “Best Criminal Justice Jobs for 2012,” the demand for certain criminal justice jobs has been steadily growing (based on statistics provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the growth is expected to continue through 2018. Here are some of the top “growing” jobs in the field of criminal justice:

Lawyer–According to the BLS, between 2008 and 2018, at least 100,000 new attorneys will find jobs. Public defenders and district attorneys will have “little trouble finding employment” according to the BLS, so if you have always dreamed of being an attorney, now is a great time to pursue a criminal justice degree at CCU.

Paralegal–With the influx of lawyers, there’s a growing need for paralegals and legal assistants; in fact, according to BLS predictions, there will a 28% increase in these positions in the ten-year period of 2008-2018.

Criminal Justice Instructors–Earning a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice will allow you to teach at a police training school, and if you pursue a doctoral degree, you could teach criminal justice courses at the collegiate level.

Correctional Officers–Unfortunately, there will be a 9% increase in correctional officers in the same ten-year period, due to a general rise in the crime rate in the United States. As inmates are serving longer sentences, male and female corrections officers are in great demand. This job, like so many others in the criminal justice arena, is dangerous and requires strict adherence to policies and procedures.

Cyber Security Officers–As computers become an ever-present force in education, commerce and democracy, there’s a greater amount of interaction online between individuals and groups. With access to the Internet twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the need for Cyber Security officials has increased dramatically recently and will continue to increase as more people actively engage online each day. Cyber Security Officers will help protect criminals from gaining access to our personal and financial information. By adhering to recommended security practices, we may be able to limit the havoc cyber criminals can wreak on one’s life.

These are other jobs in the criminal justice field are in high demand, so if you are interested in devoting your life and career to serving others in law enforcement and security, contact Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult & Graduate Studies today to learn more about our criminal justice degrees online.