The Special Education Generalist Program at CCU

Special Education Generalist CCUColorado Christian University has a variety of degree programs for people who want to dedicate their lives and career to teaching our future doctors, lawyers, presidents, businessmen and women, counselors, nurses, accountants and ministers. But there is one program that you may not be as familiar with as you would, say, a degree in early childhood education or curriculum & instruction.

The CCU College of Adult & Graduate Studies  offers what is called the Special Education Generalist Endorsement, specifically designed for licensed Colorado teachers of grades kindergarten through twelve who want to add a special education endorsement to their teaching license. Special education teachers are special people who have chosen to devote their lives to helping those born with (or later develop) various disabilities that cause them to learn differently and sometimes at a slower rate than other children.

Special education teachers may face children with cognitive delays, behavior disorders and emotional challenges that make it difficult for them to succeed in a mainstream classroom setting. For this reason, special educators are trained to develop and execute individualized education plans custom made for their particular learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. Special education teachers must be able and willing to teach to the students’ needs, and unlike students in “regular” classes, special education students often learn at vastly different paces.

As schools strive to increase the performance and success level of all students, there is an increased need to meet the challenges of students who learn differently. A special education generalist must rise to challenge to meet the wide variety of student needs. It’s an exciting career but not an easy one. Special education generalists must be able to provide instruction and support for disabled students across multiple subject areas. If you’re a good problem solver, love hard work, have an extraordinary amount of patience and are truly passionate about educating our youth, the special education generalist program at CCU may be the degree program for you. Teachers have the rare privilege of affecting generations, and at the end of the day (every day, for that matter), teachers can come home from work knowing they made a significant difference in someone’s life that day.

Degree Information–Special Education Generalist

Courses provide the necessary content for teachers to develop the competencies required to work in the special education field as an effective generalist. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates apply to the Colorado Department of Education for an added endorsement as a Special Education Generalist. All CCU degree programs are taught from a Christian worldview; our special education endorsement program helps mold educators who are dedicated to addressing diverse learner needs with excellence through servant-leadership in their field and in society. Small class sizes encourage individualized learning and networking, and allow students direct access to professors who are also professionals in the field.

To learn more about this exciting, challenging education degree at CCU, please read our Admissions Information page or call the University’s Admissions Office at 303.963.3311.