Blackboard Enhanced Learning System Debuts at CCU

Colorado University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies is excited to launch a new learning management system, known as Blackboard, to enhance student learning by creating a streamlined integration between students and faculty. The Blackboard system even includes a mobile app which will give students the opportunity to check updates, watch video and receive email and notifications on their cell phones. This amazing new system is just another example of CCU/CAGS’ commitment to providing students the most comprehensive, technologically advanced, and collaborative learning experience possible, and we believe Blackboard will contribute to student success and make their academic experience much more varied, interesting and challenging.

Courses will become less textbook-dependent because with the Blackboard system, content will be delivered through various types of media, and while the curricula for degree programs will remain the same, the student experience will change in many exciting ways. Assistant Vice President of Academic Administration for CAGS, Sarah Scherling, says, “Our first priority was to improve the learning experience for students,” and she and the rest of the staff and faculty at CCU believe Blackboard will certainly improve CCU students’ collegiate experience.

Why Blackboard?

A good deal of research and planning went into the decision to choose Blackboard over other systems being used in schools across the country. After studying piles of research and comparing systems, Blackboard was chosen as CCU’s top five contenders. The top three choices were presented to University stakeholders, and after months of data examination and discussion of the needs of CCU students, Blackboard was finally chosen. CAGS will gradually move to the Blackboard system, with the final transition taking place before the 2013-14 school year. Jason Drysdale, Coordinate of Instructional Technology at CAGS, says that “Blackboard allows us to take a state experience and provide students more dynamic engagement…It gives course designers a lot of opportunity to expand what students see and experience…”

For online classes, Blackboard Learn, is an electronic learning solution that combines the latest eLearning technology with business theory and practice. By attending classes electronically, students use the Internet to exchange email, submit assignments, take tests and even participate in classroom discussions. This exciting virtual educational system provides all the tools necessary to get the same (or even an enhanced) educational experience as in-seat students.