BSN Degree–Save Lives

BSN Degree CCUNot only are nursing jobs in great demand, but nurses help people heal and save lives every day. Nursing is a special calling–it takes compassion, patience, faith, strength and the ability to see pain and misery on a daily basis and be courageous and strong enough to step up and give the suffering the care and kindness they need. If you are already in the healthcare field but don’t have your degree, or if you have always wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing but haven’t, what is holding you back?

Though a degree is not necessary to be a wonderfully talented and successful nurse, a BSN degree can open more doors for you career-wise, so you can reach more people and affect lives in ways you may not even be aware of at this time. A bachelor’s in nursing offers theoretical and clinical foundations in nursing, and with a BSN, you can practice medicine alone as a midwife, nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist, whereas a registered nurse must perform under the supervision of physicians in these and related positions.

Benefits of a BSN Degree

With more education usually comes higher pay and more opportunities to advance in your career. But since money is most likely not your motivating factor for pursing a BSN, the degree allows you to explore a larger variety of career opportunities and qualifies you to supervise others, which means you can teach other healthcare professionals and nurses without a degree and inspire them to pursue a degree or explore specialties in nursing for which they’re gifted.

Having a BSN will better prepare you to meet patients’ needs as coursework involves leadership and management theory and practice, health promotion and wellness, disease prevention and risk reduction. Because nursing is a dynamic profession, lifelong learning is imperative to provide the best patient care possible. In order to be prepared to serve your patients, you must continue your education well beyond receiving your nursing certification.

Nursing Degree Options

The pre-licensure BSN option is a full-time program that offers a combination of online and in-seat learning. Online courses run five weeks and clinical courses run ten weeks in a year-round accelerated 27-month program.

CCU’s BSN degree program, taught from a Christian worldview, combines theory, laboratory, and clinical learning to prepare nurses to work well in a variety of settings.

One of the most attractive aspects of earning a BSN degree is that registered nurses can pursue this degree at CCU while working full time. The online RN-BSN degree is specifically designed for currently employed nurses to complete their BSN coursework without having to attend classes on campus.