Top Degrees at CCU–Degrees Employers are Looking For

Top Degrees at CCUIf you’re enrolling or considering enrolling in Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies, you may be wondering which degree programs offer the most promising future in the job market. What employers are looking for does play a big part in many people’s decisions regarding which degree program to pursue, but you must also follow your heart and choose a program that will be exciting, interesting and challenging. In tough economic times, it makes perfect sense to be practical when choosing a degree program, but keep in mind, also, that while the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics is able to provide projected job outcomes for the next ten years or so, things can change rather quickly.

New careers are popping up at record speed, and especially in jobs that require a great deal of computer/online work, employers’ needs are constantly changing and evolving. If a career is projected to continue to grow in the next ten years, then the chances for job availability¬† upon graduation are good for you, but there may also be numerous other opportunities in your field by the time you graduate and enter the workforce. Choose a degree program that interests you and one that has a promising job outlook, and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Degrees Employers Look For (and Ones They Don’t)

Simply put, if you want to be employable, you must have skills that are valued by employers.¬† According to a recent article published on Yahoo, “Degrees Employers Hate and Love,” the number one most “loved” degree just happens to be one that is very popular at CCU and one that has some exciting news–the first class for the Health Care Administration Online associate’s and bachelor’s degrees takes place in Summer 2013! Previously only available by taking courses on campus, the Health Care Administration degrees at CCU now offer coursework online. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s 2010-2020 projections, 28 % of all new jobs are ¬†in the health care and social assistance industry.

The article points out that the degree “most hated” by employers is a bachelor’s in Architecture; statistics show that recent architecture graduates suffered an unemployment rate of 13.9%, which is the worst unemployment rate of the listed degrees.

Another “loved” degree is a bachelor’s in Communication, partly due to the explosion of social media in recent months. In fact, a specialization in social media could make you marketable now and in the future. If you are only interested in paper (print) communications, you will not be marketable at all as these are slowly, but surely, disappearing from the industry. A bachelor’s in Fine Arts is also a “hated” degree amongst employers, and recent graduates of the fine arts are facing very high unemployment rates–12.6%.

Another popular degree amongst employers is a bachelor’s in Computer Science, which is certainly not surprising considering the burgeoning of computers and their various forms in the hands of everyone from toddlers to our senior citizens. Studies show that experienced computer science graduates face a low unemployment rate of 5.6%. Computer Science graduates can work in development, IT systems, technology support and work at jobs involved with the “cloud” and mobile world including data, network security and identity theft.

An unpopular degree amongst employers is Philosophy, even thought it’s a fascinating and exciting field, it is difficult to find a job when you only have a degree in Philosophy. You’re just not as marketable as someone with a more relevant degree. A philosophy degree, however, is perfect for those who want to stay in the field of philosophy and teach this challenging subject. Humanities degrees, while highly respected and well-rounded, are not as sought after as more relevant fields.

The final “popular” degree amongst employers was Nursing, with a low, low unemployment rate of only 4% (1.9% for grads with experience in the field). How exciting that CCU CAGS has the RN-BSN degree and the Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree program from which to choose!

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