CAGS Cohort Program–Share Your Educational & Spiritual Journey

Cohort Program CCUCCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies offers a cohort model of learning for adult students; the cohort program allows you to share your educational and spiritual journey with students in the same degree or certificate program as you. When you join a cohort group of learners, your courses are offered one at a time in a pre-determined sequence until you finish the degree program.

A cohort program provides intellectual stimulation and a sense of community, and research has shown that students who go through their degree program in a cohort have higher graduation rates than non-cohort students do. Due to the structured order of the coursework, students are better able to plan out their program.

Christian tradition has been a big fan of the cohort model as seen in the New Testament when believers gather in communal settings for study and fellowship. The spirit of collaboration is encouraged in the Book of Hebrews.

Benefits of the Cohort Program at CCU

The advantages listed below of the cohort model of learning come from CCU students who have gone through the actual program. Here are some of the benefits named by our students:

  • Strong sense of community–By spending so much time with fellow students, you build trust and a high level of communication and camaraderie. Meaningful connections are made, and your fellow students will have had some of the same life experiences as you. You can discuss family and job issues and work your way through stressors with fellow students.
  • Spiritual growth and evolution–The cohort programs allows students to engage in ethics/values-based discussions on a regular basis; this, in turn, enhances spiritual growth and evolution.
  • Exposure to diversity–When you share your educational journey with others, you’re sure to meet people from a diverse variety of backgrounds and cultures. Your professors will add to the diversity, also. As a result of sharing your educational experience with a wide array of schools of thought, you will have a more well-rounded approach to your degree program and associated topics such as leaderships, ethics in the workplace, values, etc.
  • Higher graduation rates–Research has proven that cohort students have higher rates of graduation than non-cohort students.
  • Your own personal and professional network is instantly created–You will have friends and like-minded professionals to reach out to any time once you begin the cohort program at CCU.
  • Gain practical experience–The cohort program is a knowledge-sharing structure allowing you to interact, build relationships and share perspectives on important topics with others who may share your goals.

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What is a Cohort Program?