Challenges Adult Students Often Face

Challenges adult students faceAre you contemplating going back to college? Or, have you never been but want to enroll soon? Either scenario is very exciting but  may be a bit daunting, also. If you’ve made the the exciting and bold decision to begin a college degree at Colorado Christian University, you deserve a big congratulations! Earning a college degree is one of the greatest accomplishments one can ever achieve in a lifetime, so you deserve a pat on the back. If you’re feeling more nervous, or downright petrified, than celebratory, you are justified. Going back to college or starting a college degree later in life can be very scary. Let’s take a look at some of the most common challenges adult students face when going to school.

Challenges Faced by Adult Learners

One of the greatest challenges adult students face, and one that is the usually the main reason they decide to pursue a degree is that the skills they possess and the skills that used to get the job done just aren’t enough anymore. Many people in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s are finding that their younger co-workers simply have more advanced skills, especially in the area of computer technology.

Enrolling in college will bring these adults face-to-face with their shortcomings and will force them to learn more about technology and everything that is being done in the “cloud” including social media, LinkedIn and online degrees. But this is a good kind of “force,” in that adults who have felt a disconnect between their skills and what their job requires will no longer feel out of the loop. No longer will you watch your coworkers whiz right through computer software that you know nothing about, and no longer will you wonder what, exactly, it means to be in the “cloud.” Pursing a degree from CCU will allow you to become an active participant in everything the wonderful world of computer technology has to offer!

Time and work commitments are big challenges adult students face due to work and family responsibilities. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to work full time and take classes, you’re certainly not alone. But you should know that many of our students do work full time and attend classes on campus; many others pursue online degrees, which allow them to do all of their coursework at home or another location. With online degree programs, you can continue to work while you get your degree.