Common Questions of Adults Considering a College Degree

Adults Considering a college Enrolling in college late in life is an exciting, yet stressful, time in one’s life. We have had thousands of non-traditional students successfully complete degree programs at Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies, so we know you can do it, too. You probably have many questions about pursuing a college degree, and if so, you’re certainly not alone. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions of adults considering a college degree.

Will I be able to keep up with the younger students?

Non-traditional students are usually the most motivated of all students and view college as a wonderful opportunity and a chance to achieve life goals. Adult students also usually want to get the most out of their investment. Adults have experience to bring to the table and professors are eager to hear about students’ life experiences.

How do I get a transcript of previous academic work?

Because a transcript is a record of previous academic work, you need to contact the high school or previous college you attended and request an official copy be sent to the admissions office of Colorado Christian University. If the school or college you attended in the past is closed down, another school or state agency is storing your records. Your state’s higher education agency will be able to help you find your transcript.

How will I manage to work full time and take classes at CCU?

CCU offers online degree programs specifically designed with busy adults in mind. You can take one class at a time, and you can become of a cohort model that allows you to share your educational and spiritual journey with others in your degree program. Ask an enrollment counselor how this works and learn more about online degrees at CCU.

Is an online degree as fulfilling (and challenging) as one offered on campus?

Our online classes designed to be interactive so you will never feel out in the cold, and you’ll develop real relationships in “virtual” classrooms but with actual students and professor. Collaborating through group discussions, document sharing, and e-mail, you’ll experience community in a personal way even though you’ll be in a digital environment. We have designed our online program so you can log into your courses from anywhere Internet access is available.

To learn more about admission to CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies, please visit Admissions for Adult Undergraduate and Degree Completion Students.