How to Be A Successful Online Student

Online learning has revolutionized the process of earning a college degree. Being able to take classes in your own home has brought the possibility of a college degree to those who live far away from a bricks and mortar campus, those who are house-bound and those who have other obligations during traditional classroom hours.

Virtual degree programs also help students save the time and gas money necessary to commute to a physical campus.

How to Be a Successful Online Student | CCUHow to be a successful online student

As attractive as online degree programs can be, they require students to have a somewhat different skill set than is needed in a traditional classroom. A passion for learning and a commitment to doing all of the classwork required is as essential for an online degree as for a traditional one. However, in addition, online students should:

1. Be self-motivated. With online learning, there isn’t anyone standing over your shoulder making sure that you focus on your studies. Students have to be able to motivate themselves and focus on learning without being distracted by the telephone, television, friends and other demands on their time.

2. Be able to communicate effectively in writing. Unlike a traditional classroom, most communication in an online program is done via a keyboard. Good writing skills are essential to making yourself understood and getting the most out of the program.

3. Have unlimited access to a computer with broadband service. Although some aspects of computer learning are available via dial-up, many features require faster loading speeds. Broadband service or cable Internet are preferable. It’s also desirable to have a home computer. Library access can be limited, especially during peak school seasons.

4. Be able to work well with others. Learning online doesn’t mean learning alone. Most classes involve working on programs and chatting with other students in the program.

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