Being Your Own Boss: Managing A Structure-Free Online Learning Environment

When you decide to take online courses for a higher education, you are responsible for every aspect of your education. Instead of working to meet the expectations of a teacher and having that guidance, you are deciding to be your own boss. The key to successfully completing your education and thriving is learning to remove distractions and make time for study.

Schedule Time for Your Education

Even if your online class is only once per week, you need to set aside time for study, tests and projects. The best way to ensure that you are able to keep up is by setting aside time in your schedule for class-related work.

Although the best schedule for your classes and goals will depend on factors like when you are expected at a job or your family obligations, you should strive to set aside at least half an hour to one hour per day for study or class projects.

Remove Distractions

During the time that is scheduled for study, projects, online tests or online classes, remove any distractions from the area. Turn off the television, turn off the radio and ask family members for a little time alone.

If you have young children who might distract you from studies, then ask a spouse or family member to watch them during your scheduled study time. The fewer distractions that are available, the easier you will be able to focus on your studies and homework.

Do Your Work in the Same Environment

Although it might be tempting to work on a laptop in different locations around the home, it is better to set up your workspace in the same location each day. It helps reduce the number of distractions and provides consistency that improves your ability to remember information when you are taking online tests for your courses.

Being your own boss and taking charge of your education means that you need to stay organized and keep track of your own schedule. It is possible to thrive when you take online courses, especially if you are able to keep up with your tests and remove distractions during the time you’ve decided to study.