Raising a Student While Being a Student: 5 Ways to Juggle Parenting and Your Nursing Career Studies

Raising a child is never easy, especially when you are going to school to study nursing. Balancing your obligations to your child as well as your studies can seem daunting, but it is possible if you are prepared for the task.

Get Your Finances in Order

Nothing is more distracting from homework and study than trying to obtain funds for school, caring for your child’s financial needs and paying the bills. Organize your finances before you start school and make sure all of your financial aid is in place to avoid complications.

Talk to Your Teachers

Taking care of your child’s needs is an important part of parenting. If your child is sick, then you might need to take a day off school. By talking to your teachers at the beginning of the school year and informing your teachers that you are a parent, they will be more willing to provide make-up work or solutions that can help you.

Set Aside Study Time

A benefit of study time scheduling is that you can arrange your schedule around your child’s. If you schedule your child’s homework time for after dinner, then you can work on your studies at the same time. It will help improve the time management of your busy schedule and give you a little peace when you are working on studying.

Ask for Help

Although it might seem difficult, asking for help from a spouse, parents or family friends can make the situation easier. Even if you are simply requesting a babysitter for the time you are in class, it will give you peace of mind.

Never Over-schedule Classes

If you are not sure about your ability to keep up with full-time classes, then slow down and take it easy. Start with one or two classes to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Balancing your child’s need with your education is not easy, but it is possible. The key is taking as many measures to make the transition easier as possible. You can get your education if you are willing to put in the extra work to ask for help and transition into school.