Faith Family Freedom Campaign: Redeveloping CCU’s Lakewood Campus

The Faith Family Freedom Campaign is the redevelopment plan that is being created for CCU’s Lakewood Campus. Although the plans are already underway, the campaign is still in the early stages of development.

The Basic Redevelopment Plans

The Faith Family Freedom Campaign is already in the process of development. In 2012, the university’s rezoning request was approved by the city council and the school board. After the approval, the plans to redevelop and build the new 43,000 square foot academic building were started.

Although the plans are already underway, the campus is still raising funds to complete the first phase of development. The total cost of the project is being estimated at $120 million. From the total cost, the university is planning to raise or accept in gifts roughly $55 million.

How You Can Help

Although the plans are underway and the school is working on putting all of the phases into action, you can help with the project by giving charitable donations or gifts that are needed for the project. Every donation that is given for the project will help ensure that the first phase of the redevelopment project will go on as scheduled.

The first phase of the project requires roughly $18,775,000. Of that amount, more than $14 million has already been donated or pledged for the project. Giving a donation will provide the initial funds needed to get the project started and will show support for higher education at CCU.

You can also stay updated with the project as different phases of the construction are completed. Although the construction has not yet started, it is expected to start in 2014 and will take several years to complete. Updates are available on the university’s website for any individual who is interested in staying up-to-date with the latest details of the project.

The Faith Family Freedom Campaign is changing the look and feel of CCU’s Lakewood Campus. With the support of the community, alumni, staff members and other interested parties, the redevelopment goals are being implemented and the plans are moving forward.