5 Ways MBA in Health Care Administration Steers You to Success

MBA HCAGetting a MBA in health care administration provides you with the core skills from a traditional MBA as well as specialized knowledge about the health care environment. This degree prepares you to work as a health services manager or administrator in large hospitals, smaller clinics, or the government sector. Earning an MBA in health care administration from Colorado Christian University is a smart way to get your career on a path to success.

1. Enter a sector of the economy that continues to grow.

The health care sector has continued to grow despite the economic downturn and represents one of the fastest-growing industries. According to a report from Georgetown University, the health care industry will create 5.6 million more jobs by the year 2020. Many of these positions will be in health care leadership and administration, providing robust opportunities for graduates with an MBA in health care administration (HCA).

2. Experience a boost in salary.

Health care administrators receive high compensation for their work. The Bureau of Labor Services reports that the median salary for health services managers was $84,270 in May 2010, with top earners pulling in more than $144,880.

3. Enjoy high job satisfaction.                 

Health care managers and executives report high job satisfaction. Many enjoy the fast-paced work environment and constantly changing problems to solve. This is a great field for someone who loves critical thinking and putting ideas into action.

4. Put your faith into action in the real world by improving your community.

One of the great opportunities of being a health care administrator is the ability to directly impact the lives and well-being of patients. Making the health care system work more efficiently, promoting preventative care procedures, and delivering care to underserved populations are great ways to live your Christian values in the real world.

5. Receive the benefits of strong job security.

Unlike some careers in which individuals are constantly changing positions, an MBA in HCA provides strong job security. Expect many organizations to offer incentives and opportunities for advancement to reduce job turnover.

Getting your MBA in health care administration from CCU is just the first step in a rewarding career. With strong expected job growth, entering the health care field is a great way to jumpstart your career.