Avoiding the Stigma of the “Adult Learner”

How to Study for Online ClassesWhen a young person graduates from high school and begins college life, they often have a certain set of expectations. They are about to venture away from their parents and grab a hold of their independence. When they get there some are disappointed to see older students in the mix because they associate them with authority figures, such as their parents or instructors, but as an adult learner in the same class isn’t an authority figure, but they aren’t quite a peer either.

Instead of trying to fit in, the adult learner needs to find their own way, and many are doing this through online learning. Colorado Christian University recognizes that the learning experience for an adult learner is different than the experience of a traditional student, and encourages both groups to draw on their own strengths in order to strive for advanced knowledge and their own personal purpose that Christ has guided them toward.

Because the adult learner often has other responsibilities with their current employment, as well as family and community commitments, many of CCU’s programs in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies can be pursued entirely online, and many of those are also available in a traditional classroom as well in one of our many Colorado locations. Adults can design their own learning experience to take place exclusively through the Internet, in the classroom, or a mixture of both environments.

Colorado Christian University also sets itself apart from other online universities with the use of a Christ centered approach. Often secular schools will ask you to set your faith aside in an attempt to stay “objective.” But Christian faith is too important to be put on the shelf, and CCUs approach integrates Biblical principles and values into the learning experience in order to give students a well rounded learning experience, whether they are finishing a Bachelor’s degree, going back to school for their Master’s or just taking a class or two in order to embrace lifelong learning.

CCUs programs cover a wide range of educational disciplines, including Biblical Studies, Criminal Justice, Business, Health, and Educational Studies. No one should ever have to feel uncomfortable when they seek to learn and grow. CCUs classes and degree programs aim to find a place for all students and strive to not only make students more knowledgeable, but to help them become better versions of themselves.