Finding Your Way Post Graduation: Networking Groups

Networking groupsWhile you are studying in your online degree program the bulk of your focus lies in doing well in your classes in order to fulfill the requirements of your degree program. But your pursuit of higher learning and personal growth doesn’t end when you graduate. In fact, it is just the beginning.

In the “old days” embarking on a career centered on having an impressive resume, and a few good references. Today, a bit more is required. Today the key lies in who you know, and in order to get to know the right people, you need to network. It’s estimated that nearly 70% of jobs are not listed, and many of those that are only listed as a formality. Instead positions are filled through networks. But not everyone naturally knows the people that can help them advance their career. But many times networking groups can help graduates build the connections they need in order to advance their career.

Networking should be in on every student’s radar as they pursue their career. Fellow students and instructors can easily be important career resources down the road. Today, many are beginning to build networks through the social media site LinkedIn, which unlike other networks is mostly career focused. Having a strong profile on LinkedIn can help you connect with groups that will soon be able to vouch for your skills.

Another opportunity comes through the website This website brings together all sorts of groups from book clubs to outdoor enthusiasts, and among them are several focused career groups. Most of these groups are free to join, and if you don’t see a focus you want in your area you can start your own group at a low cost. In these groups asking for a networking contact may be more comfortable because it is, in fact, the point of the group. Everyone is looking for the same thing. also keeps a listing of various business networking groups in cities across the country.

At Colorado Christian University, our career services team can help assure that you not only become knowledgeable in your chosen field but also take the time to see that you are developing the skills you need to share your skills with current and future peers within your profession.