How to Succeed in College as an Adult Learner

Two Year Degree Programs CCUReturning to school as an adult is much different than heading off to college immediately after high school. You are out of the habit of studying, and your life and obligations look much different. Turn to these tips to help you succeed in college as an adult learner.

1. Schedule Your Time Deliberately: You may feel like a professional juggler with all the responsibilities you need to manage, but deliberately scheduling your day into blocks can help. Rather than feeling overwhelmed with duties in all your spheres at once, you can focus on family during some times, work during others, classes during others, and homework during the last times.

2. Understand Your Learning Style: After a professional career, you may find that the transition back into the student mindset is more difficult than you expected. Take the time to consider whether you’re an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner. Based on these results, develop study methods that will allow you to learn in the way you learn best.

3. Connect With Study Groups: When you’re in a program with other adult learners, they are in a similar situation to you and will be happy to join a study group to support one another. Whether you talk on the phone to go over information, meet in person to study, or help critique each other’s papers, study partners can help you excel. Don’t be shy to invite your classmates to be in a study group with you.

4. Communicate With Your Family and Employer: In addition to getting support from your classmates, you’ll also need the support of your family and employer. In particular, communicate clearly with them when you have upcoming deadlines on your schoolwork that may affect how much time you can give them. In most cases, they will be very accommodating to help you succeed in school.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help: You will inevitably have times when you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to get done, or by the difficulty of learning the material you’re studying. In these situations, reach out to the wide support network available. Your professors, academic adviser, family, friends, and church all want to see you succeed, too!

Once you’re confident at learning in college, there’s no doubt you’ll succeed. Not enrolled yet? What are you waiting for for? Enroll in CCU’s adult program today.