What do Colorado Employers Think When they See a Christian College on a Resume?

resume christian collegeSome sort of higher education is almost mandatory in today’s day and age, as more and more jobs in the workforce require Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees. Many even require Master’s Degrees. With this in mind, choosing the right place of learning can be a challenge, as there’s sure to be pros and cons to all of the institutes you’re considering.

However, perhaps one type of higher learning that gets the attention of employers more so than others are Christian colleges. There are several Christian colleges in Colorado for adults to choose from. Here’s why they peak the interest of employers and recruiters when spotted on a resume:

  • Education is important: You will likely never see Christian colleges called “party schools.” No, while students are able to grow socially – just like at any other campus – Christian colleges put much more of an emphasis on learning and education (both spiritually and academically) than on other aspects typically associated with college life. What’s more is that most Christian colleges offer smaller, more intimate learning environments, which is advantageous in terms of better learning lesson material.
  • High admission standards: Compared to public universities, Christian colleges have higher admission standards. Minimum grade point averages, test scores and other qualifications are strictly enforced by the admissions office, so just getting into a Christian college can say a lot about your commitment to academics and what type of a student and person you are.
  • Community feel: It’s often easy for students to get lost in the shuffle at big public universities. However, at Christian colleges, students are part of a smaller campus community. They often know their professors and peers by name and are able to fit in on campus from a social standpoint. Essentially, this helps boost confidence in a student and this confidence is often translated to real-world working environments.

When employers see a Christian college on a resume, they often treat that piece of information just as they would a snappy cover letter or seeing that a student completed a notable internship. It tells them a student has their priorities in order and exceeds academically. Often times, it also puts a job candidate in the short stack of resumes for further consideration. Enroll at CCU today and start your career.