Attend College in the Mountains, Without the Mountain of School Loan Debt

student loans in Colorado Q.  What’s one of the biggest factors preventing adults from going back to school to earn their degree? A.  Paying for it. Yes, financing it. Oftentimes, the cost of an education outweighs the investment of the degree that comes at the end of it. Though there are arguably more opportunities than ever in terms of financial aid and scholarships to help students pay for college; that school loan and financial aid package often comes with strings attached, and can be a stressful, offsetting factor for many adult students. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Colorado Christian University, it’s not like the aforementioned scenario; you have options. At CCU, we realize that a college degree is a dream come true and we don’t think you should have to jump through hoops to live that dream. What’s more, is that a degree from our institution is sure to put you on the path to a successful career. Your success is what we’re all about. With that in mind, we make financial aid stress-free, easy to understand and highly accessible. For adult students, financial aid is designed to help offset tuition, books and other costs associated with returning to school. We’ll help you achieve this in three ways:

  • Scholarships: Scholarships are aid that doesn’t have to be repaid, so this is an option that should be explored to the fullest. We can help steer you in the direction of ones you have a good chance of earning.
  • Grants: Like scholarships, grants also don’t have to be repaid. They’re awarded by the government to applicable candidates.
  • Education Loans: Finally, if students still need money to help pay for college after they’ve kicked the tires on scholarships and grants, there’s student education loans. While these will eventually have to be paid back, they’re easy to qualify for.

Going back to school to earn a degree shouldn’t be thought of as impossible. It should be thought of as doable, affordable – and ultimately – important. If earning a degree is important to you, CCU can provide the financial guidance to make this a reality.