Healthcare Administration Salary: How Much Can I Make?

healthcare administration degree

A healthcare administration degree provides the opportunity to work in the management side of the healthcare industry. Instead of providing direct care to patients, a healthcare administrator supervises the staff within the facility, coordinates any events and sets goals for the business side of the hospital, clinic or office. If you are considering a HCA job, then you will want to consider the salary that you can expect in your role as an administrator.

Working in a Hospital

Although a hospital is not the only facility that you can work as an administrator, it is a large establishment that requires the guidance of an appropriately trained administrator to manage the scheduling, staffing and general running of the hospital.

The average salary for an administrator in a hospital setting is roughly $78,000 per year or more, depending on the level of experience and the location. In certain locations, the starting salary may be slightly higher than average.

Working at a Doctor’s Office

A physician’s office has fewer responsibilities and challenges for an administrator, making it a good place to gain experience and get started in the medical management field. The health care administration salary in a physician’s office or a healthcare clinic is slightly lower than the salary provided in a hospital.

If you are thinking of working in a doctor’s office or a medical clinic, then you can expect a salary of roughly $67,000 to $67,500 per year to start. Although the starting salary is slightly lower, the opportunity to gain experience in a clinic or doctor’s office will allow you to balance further responsibilities in a hospital in the future if you are just starting in an administration career.

Managing a Nursing Home

While a doctor’s office and a hospital are the most well-known sources of employment for healthcare administrators, you can also find employment in nursing homes. The management of a nursing home is slightly different than the management of a hospital because the patients may have fewer forms of insurance and the staff may be smaller, depending on the size of the nursing home that you work in.

Although the job responsibilities may differ slightly, the average starting income for work in the home is close to the same rate as a clinic or physician’s office. On average, you can expect a salary of roughly $66,700 per year.

Working in healthcare administration provides opportunities to help others without getting involved in the medical side of the facility. If you want to work in the business side of a medical facility, then working in healthcare administration may be a good choice for your career.