Keeping the Faith in a Secular Society Post-Graduation

Christian School in Name Only--Not CCUAs long as you attend Christian college, your faith thrives because you’re surrounded by people who love Jesus and teachings that encourage you to remain strong. After graduation, that supportive bubble bursts. You’re now placed in a job where dishonesty is commonplace, your neighbors taunt your faith and sin sits on every corner. Temptations to give up your faith surround you, and you need five tips that assist you in keeping the faith in a secular society.

Stay Grounded in Scripture

God’s Word remains the solid rock you need when you’re surrounded by sin. Spend time reading it every day to combat the secular attitudes and actions around you.

Prioritize Prayer

In the real world, you may be isolated from prayer supporters. Build a network of friends who are willing to pray with your regularly, and make prayer a priority in your personal life no matter what’s going on. You need the wisdom, guidance and peace that come as you talk to God in prayer.

Fellowship with Other Believers

Busyness at work and home tempts you to neglect church, Bible study and fun with Christian friends, you need fellowship with other believers now more than ever before. Through fellowship, you learn that you’re not alone, and you receive support and counsel that sharpens your character and helps you stay strong.

Dare to be Different

Walking on the straight and narrow path means you won’t conform to the crowd’s views, so decide to be different. If that means staying away from the water cooler at work or saying no to party invites, remember that keeping the faith is more important than fitting in.

Remember the Prize

The secular world tests your character, but magnificent treasures await you in heaven. Staying faithful isn’t easy, but it’s worth every second. Keep your eye on the prize as you live out your faith in a secular world.

Staying faithful to your Christian worldview doesn’t happen automatically. You need to work at it, and these five tips will help. For more assistance or prayer, contact Colorado Christian College’s alumni association today.