Parent – Child Bonding: Filling Out College Loan Applications as a Family

ParentTeenOnlineProspective nontraditional college students understand the potential benefits of returning to school as fully-fledged adults with careers and families. Promotions and salary increases are at stake, not to mention the personal satisfaction garnered from the completion of a degree program. But these benefits come at a cost, leaving many adult students worried about paying tuition bills on top of all their other expenses.

The struggles related to the nontraditional student status ring especially true for families in which a parent and a child are both preparing to take on the college life. Fortunately, such families benefit from mutual support, allowing adolescents and their college-bound parents to lean on each other as they go through the process of filling out FAFSA and applying for student loans. Although the college loan process can be stressful, teens and parents can help each other through the biggest pitfalls of the process, thus easing the burden for all.

Examples of this partnership’s useful nature abound and are particularly fruitful in a time of increased dependence on technology. Most of today’s prospective students complete FAFSA online, but some parents may find this format for applying for student loans daunting. Younger students are more likely to breeze through the technological format, helping parents through should they get confused on the process required to obtain an official PIN or that of electronically signing application documents. Conversely, few teens are experts on their parents’ finances and, as a result, may find themselves turning to mom and dad for assistance.

In filling out student loan applications as a family, parents and teens can bond over this necessary process while fulfilling the very Christian duty of helping one another. It doesn’t matter if the adolescent is intent on living in the dorms or the parent plans to pursue his or her education online; this is only the first step in a parent-child college journey that will be exemplified by a sense of love and compassion — and more importantly, a willingness to give freely of oneself to beloved family members.

Once you’ve completed your FAFSA for the year, be sure to check out CCU’s financial aid page. You’ll find more helpful information about paying for college.