Soul Train: Staying on Track Spiritually While Pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Business

christ centered education Since biblical times, people of faith have tried to walk the narrow line between the secular world and the spiritual one. We have to find a job, we need to pay our bills and do our laundry, but we want Christ in our lives as well. In the Bible, Jesus told his followers, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” (Mathew 22:21 KJV) This does not mean that the two are completely separate. You can pursue a Christ centered education even if your educational goal is something as seemingly worldly as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. How? Here are some ways that you can focus on your career goals while pursuing spiritual fitness as well.

  • Make time for God – Pursuing a degree requires a lot of time; there’s no way around it. But, if you want a Christ centered education, you must deliberately set aside time for the things that bring Christ into your life. Plan time during your day for prayer, for example. Don’t let your hectic study schedule interfere with your church attendance or obligations.
  • Do good works – You will gain new and useful skills long before you earn your business degree. Put those skills to work. Use them to organize your church’s fund-raising program, for instance, or look for a non-profit organization that could benefit from your new administrative expertise. That way, you will be using what you have learned for the good of others.
  • Let go of the reins – We have a tendency to judge certain professions as “philanthropic” or “good” and others as “self-serving.” Lay down your judgments. God knows what He has in store for you. Don’t try to second guess your interest in business administration. If God has given you this interest, pursue it wholeheartedly; there’s a reason it calls to you, and that reason will someday be made clear.

A college degree and spiritual fitness are not mutually exclusive. Give them both equal attention and both will thrive.