5 Stress Relief Techniques for Juggling Home, Work and Class

stress ballYou want to succeed as a parent, employee and Colorado Christian University student; but juggling your responsibilities overwhelms you. Most of the time, you feel stressed. Consider five stress relief techniques that both calm your emotions and help you succeed as you balance school, family and work.

1. Prioritize Daily Quiet Time Reading your Bible and praying take a back burner when you’re busy and stressed, but those activities are your anchor to peacefulness and calmness. Make time each day for God. You will see a difference as you balance your roles.

2. Exercise Regularly  As Bible reading and prayer prepare your spirit and emotions for the day, exercise prepares your mind and body for the day. Ride your bike to work, jog with your kids before dinner or run on the treadmill as you review class notes. You’ll instantly feel energized and ready to take on your busy day.

3. Delegate Tasks Until you become omnipresent, you can only be in one place at a time. That means you need help to accomplish everything on your to-do list. When you delegate, your stress level decreases, and you feel calmer.

  • Ask your spouse to prepare dinner on nights you have class
  • Ask friends to babysit when you have a paper to write
  • Ask your coworkers to cover late meetings

4. Let go of Perfection During this season in your life, remind yourself to let go of perfection. It’s okay to buy frozen pizzas instead of cooking from scratch every day or say no to overtime. With your finite time, only do the essentials. You’ll have time when school ends to pick up the slack.

5. Take a Break for Fun You may be so busy that you don’t recognize when you’re stressed. The effects of stress may make you feel ill, irritable or upset, though. As soon as you begin to suspect that you are stressed, take a break. Play soccer with your kids, call a friend and chat or indulge in your favorite hobby. That break relieves stress and helps you stay healthy as you balance full time hours at school, home and work.