Where are the New Graduate Nursing Jobs?

BSN Degree CCUAfter graduating with a nursing degree and obtaining the appropriate registered nurse license for the state where you want to work, you may discover that places you planned to apply are not currently accepting applications from new graduates. Although nursing is a growing field, new graduate nursing jobs are not the most common form of work. Fortunately, certain places are willing to hire new graduates so that you can gain the experience you need to work in your preferred medical setting.

Rural Hospitals Although many of the larger hospitals in big cities are focusing on hiring experienced nurses, some rural locations are willing to hire new graduates because they do not have enough nursing staff. The rural hospitals and medical clinics can give you the experience you need to work in a larger facility, but the downside of the location is that you may not get the starting salary you expected after getting a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. The positive side of working in a rural location is that you will have more opportunities to learn different nursing skills because of the smaller staff, which will allow you to identify areas in nursing that you prefer and develop skills that are useful in the future.

Long-Term Care Facilities Many hospitals are looking for experienced nurses, but smaller facilities like long-term care facilities and nursing homes have a little more flexibility when it comes to hiring new graduates. If you are interested in working in a slightly slower-paced environment or you are thinking of working in geriatrics in the future, then try applying for a long-term care facility or a nursing home.

University Medical Centers After graduating and obtaining your state license, some university medical centers are willing to hire new graduates instead of focusing on experience. The advantage of working in a university medical center is the opportunity to work on research projects under the supervision of a doctor and to gain experience in several areas of nursing. When you are concerned about the possibility of finding work after you graduate, the key is focusing on areas that are willing to hire inexperienced nurses. New graduate nursing jobs are available if you look in the right facilities. Skip the hospitals and focus on smaller facilities or rural locations to get started in your nursing career.