Fight Crime with a Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree

A criminal justice bachelor’s degree from Colorado Christian University opens many doors for adult learners. With this degree, you can obtain several jobs that were previously closed to you based on education and expertise. Completing the criminal justice program earns you a Bachelor of Science degree and a well-versed knowledge of the law and justice system in the United States.

Credit Hours
To earn a criminal justice degree from Colorado Christian University, you’ll take a total of 120 credit hours. This includes 39 credit hours in criminal justice, 48 credit hours in general education classes and 33 credit hours in electives. You’ll take classes in five week blocks and can finish the program in four semesters. The program costs $470 per credit hour.

Course Structure
The criminal justice degree program allows adult learners to complete coursework online, which makes it ideal for busy adults who don’t have time to go to class on a regular basis. You may also choose to take the courses in the classroom, which means you’ll meet for class one night a week. Class size, whether in person or online, is small enough to promote interactions among students and gives each student more access to the professor. All instructors in criminal justice are trained in the field.

Classes in Criminal Justice
To obtain your criminal justice degree, you’ll have to take several classes that teach you the various aspects of the major. This includes introduction classes, criminology, juvenile justice, court systems, policing, criminal investigation, Homeland Security, criminal law, criminal procedure and ethics. In addition, you’ll be required to take coursework in math, science, communications, humanities, biblical studies, computers and social science. Your electives are flexible and allow you to pick and choose topics that go with criminal justice or those that interest you.

Job Options
With a criminal justice bachelor’s degree from Colorado Christian University, you’ll have plenty of job options available to you. This includes probation officer, forensics, police officer, correctional officer, private detective, state trooper and crime scene investigator. With time, you may be able to progress to jobs for the CIA, DEA or as a US Marshal.