How Christian Colleges Like CCU Make a Difference in Your Education

How Christian Colleges Like CCU Make a Difference When looking at the Christian colleges that will be the best fit for you, it is important to recognize that your faith should not have to remain in the background while you achieve your academic pursuits. Instead, your faith should provide the framework for your higher education, as it does at Colorado Christian University.

CCU, which is evangelical and interdenominational, is distinct among other Christian higher learning institutions because “it emphasizes development of Christian character and spirituality with the intent of sending graduates with personal Christian commitment and an informed sense of Christian morality into today’s communities and workplaces to provide leadership.”

As a liberal arts university devoted to excellence in teaching, CCU provides its students with opportunities to collaborate with their peers, faculty, and staff on intellectual journeys that encourage academic rigor as well as spiritual conviction. What makes the University unique among other Christian colleges with similar ideals is that CCU acknowledges the role that God our Creator has in the arts and sciences.

Keeping God and faith in the classroom is vital to spiritual and intellectual growth, which is why CCU also places an emphasis on how we can best serve God in our academic pursuits, acknowledging that God in Jesus Christ is present in all learning. As CCU notes, the University community believes that “Christian scholarship is practical and that upon the foundation of the biblically-informed liberal arts curriculum, students must be enabled to work productively in society and to earn a living.”

CCU provides this help by encouraging students to explore service and ministry in addition to their academic goals. The University community supports students in their journey to discovery of the gifts that God has given them, and how best to use those gifts to help others, as college students, community members, and professionals in their chosen fields.

Choosing a Christian college can be a daunting and difficult task, even more so when you desire your faith to be at the forefront of your education. Colorado Christian University recognizes that Christian convictions are not separated from intellectual interests, and CCU provides this framework for its students and larger academic community.