How to Use Alumni Networking to Increase Your Job Opportunities

how to use alumni networking to increase job opportunities The benefits of college extend beyond your time in the classroom. Student and graduates of Colorado Christian University have access to alumni networking that can help them find a job once their degree is complete. The program gives you the tools you need to look for and obtain a professional career after your time in college.

How it Works

The career development program at Colorado Christian University allows you to connect with other professionals to get a job, change careers or advance the ranks in your current field. This includes research, interviewing techniques, writing a resume and cover letter and tips for navigating a job search. In addition, you’ll learn to network, which can further your career or give you an edge as you look for your first job after college.


Alumni networking allows current and former students at Colorado Christian University make use of the tools and resources available to make finding a job easier. This involves more than just writing and sending out your resume. It connects you to an industry and allows you to meet people in the field. This goes a long way toward helping you find a job with a company that matches your goals and ideals. Many companies don’t list all of their open positions, which means that you might not realize they are available unless you build a strong networking presence.

How to Network

With today’s technological advances, you have a variety of online resources available that allow you to get your name out, potentially attracting the attention of prospective employers. Many of the majors at Colorado Christian University have professional associations that give you leg up on the competition when it comes to finding a job.