Is Online Learning Right for Me?

is online learning right for meMany universities offer online learning programs for adults, and you might find yourself asking the question: “Is online learning right for me?” Colorado Christian University offers several online degree options for adult learners. These programs offer flexibility if you already have obligations and responsibilities that make it difficult to get to class. If you’re asking yourself about online learning, weighing the pros and cons can help you make the right choice for your lifestyle.

Cohort Model

Colorado Christian University uses the Cohort Model, which helps form a sense of community among the adults using the online learning option, and might make it easy to answer, “is online learning right for me.” This model matches you with a group of other online students that you stick with throughout your time at Colorado Christian University. You’ll take classes one at a time and progress through them with the same set of students, which allows you to form connections and make friends even if you study at home.

Time Commitment

Earning a degree as an adult can be difficult, whether you have a full-time job, kids to take care of or a household to run. Choosing to take classes online allows you to fit in study time when your schedule allows. In general, you can expect to spend a few hours each week keeping up with the reading and discussion aspect of your class. In addition, you’ll work on assignments and projects that require extra time and energy.

Instructor Contact

Online classes eliminate face-to-face time with instructors, which might worry some adult learners. For each of your classes, the instructor provides an email address that allows you to contact him or her with questions, comments or concerns.

Accessing Classes

Colorado Christian University uses the Blackboard format, which students can access from their home computer or smartphone. You’ll use this program to interact with classmates and teachers, turn in assignments and access course materials.

Making the Decision

Online degree programs at Colorado Christian University are equivalent to classroom programs. You’ll obtain the same degree and learn the same material. However, online courses are often accelerated, which allows you to complete your degree more quickly than the traditional college student. Tuition for online degree programs is the same as classroom programs. So, is online learning right for you? Learn more about online learning options at CCU.