What next? MBA Career Options

mba career optionsAn MBA increases your expertise and enables you to advance your career. As an MBA graduate, you could work in different types of job environments. You also have a variety of options to choose from in management and leadership positions, in such areas as finance, marketing, and human resource.

MBA graduates are likely to earn more than those without the degree. However, while higher salaries are possible, you need to take into consideration factors such as your area of specialization and experience. Here are seven MBA career options that you could consider as you seek to advance and achieve your professional goals.

1. Investment banking – Investment bankers raise capital and give advice on acquisitions of other companies. While this is one of the most sought after MBA career options, with high salary scales, such positions usually require several years of experience in areas such corporate finance and banking.

2. Management careers – An MBA equips you with specific management skills to effectively and efficiently coordinate the work of others to increase productivity. For example, marketing managers oversee the marketing structure of companies, and business managers supervise specific departments and oversee operations and employees.

3. Financial Analysts – These professionals evaluate companies’ financial state, and recommend investments based on findings. Their recommendations guide how companies invest and manage their funds.

4. Management consulting – This is a sought after career option for graduates with an MBA. Management consultants’ task is to solve particular organizational problems and concerns in various situations, to achieve specific outcomes. Through analyzing and evaluating operating procedures, they make recommendations from their findings.

5. Human Resource Specialists – The demand for HR specialists stems from their influence on the productivity of employees. They focus on organizing people to perform important work activities of the organization. HR professionals’ functions include recruiting and hiring employees, coordinating training and development, and employee benefits.

6. IT management – Technology is vital to business, and IT management positions are often available to MBA graduates. IT management involves ways in which organizations approach the use of technology in their strategies and operations, and includes leading teams to implement systems to meet the needs of the company.

7. Entrepreneurship – Although there are plenty of jobs that pay well for MBA graduates, you might want to start your own business. With an MBA, you are equipped with the relevant skills to start and manage your own business enterprise.