4 Resume Tips for Nurses

career path in healthcare administrationAt Colorado Christian University, you have the opportunity to advance your nursing career by pursuing an online RN to BSN degree. The program is designed for nurses who are already working in the field who want additional training for better job opportunities and to advance their knowledge of nursing.

Although earning your BSN will help you move forward in your career, you’ll still need a resume when applying for a new job. Resume tips for nurses will help you craft a resume that stands out from the pack and makes a healthcare provider want to hire you.

1. Include a Qualifications Summary

Your resume should tell an employer why they want to hire you. One way to answer the question of “why?” is to include a qualifications summary at the beginning of your resume. The summary will focus on any skills you have that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. Limit the summary to no more than 10 lines and include only a broad sketch of your qualifications and skills. The rest of the resume will spell those out in further detail.

2. Focus on Relevant Positions

If you’ve taken time off from nursing, you might have other professional experience not related to the field. You don’t have to leave that information completely off of your resume, but you should focus on your nursing experience. If other positions you’ve had a relevant to what you are pursuing now, divide your professional experience on the resume into two sections: nursing experience and additional experience. There’s no need to include entry-level work you had before becoming an RN, though.

3. Highlight Education and Achievements

You’ve worked hard to earn your BSN, highlight it on your resume. Include your GPA if it is high and you’ve recently graduated or are about to graduate. Also remember to detail any clinical rotations you completed while in training and to list your licenses on the resume. Include other awards and achievements, if they are relevant to your career as a nurse.

4. Detail Accomplishments

Use bullet points to detail any accomplishments you had at past positions. Use active verbs to describe what you did at past jobs, such as “Created community outreach program for patients” or “Trained new nurses.” Bullet points on the resume make each accomplishment easier for a potential employer to see. Only include the most important accomplishments from each position.