How Much Do Nurses Get Paid Throughout the US?

nursesHow much does a nurse make? This is an appropriate question considering the cost of obtaining a nursing degree. The potential nursing student may want to know what long-term payoff to expect. The survey below helps answer this question. It also explains how and why nurses earn what they do.

The salaries listed below represent the average salaries for registered nurses in the major American cities listed below:

New York: $91,000-$109,000

Denver: $38,000-$86,000

Houston: $44,000-$100,000

Chicago: $47,000-$105,000

Los Angeles: $43,000-$97,000

Dallas: $41,000-$93,000

Atlanta: $49,000-$111,000

Philadelphia: $41,000-$93,000

The lowest annual pay on each city represents the Surgical Technologist Cardiac Surgery Nurse and the highest represents Registered Nurses.

When the Demand for Nurses is High and Supply is Low

Nurses are almost always in high demand. Commonly the health care industry is considered a recession-proof industry and it is true. People are going to get sick and illness has never been and will never be totally eliminated. There will always be people who are sick.

As long as there are sick people, there will be those who want to care for and attempt to heal them. The baby boomer generation continues to age and many of this generation’s health care providers are phasing into their post-career lifestyles, health care providers are needed now more than ever.

Vast changes are taking place within the health care industry. The supply of healthcare providers is having difficulty keeping up with demand. Just like all market situations, the industry is responding by creating higher pay scales for those who have the ability to provide health care. For this reason, nurses’ salaries are one of the highest salaries available for a college student who has recently graduated.

Increasing RN Salary

While the general salary for a nurse is already high, there are ways that one can improve earning power as an RN. Continuing education is a great way to increase earning power. Nurses who continue their education also earn more money. Nurses can rise in the ranks of the nursing staff to increase their salary. By gaining management positions, nurses can increase their yearly compensation.

The answer concerning “how much do nurses get paid?” is pleasing; however, like every career, good pay is the result of hard work.