How to Network in the Field of Nursing

nurse networkReturning to college as an adult can make you feel disconnected. It’s like you are starting over again as you seek the education to have a professional career in nursing. Yet having a degree is only the start of a successful career. You also need to network with other people in the field of nursing to help find jobs, stay current, and obtain important mentoring from peers to hone your skills.

Learning how to network isn’t a daunting experience. All you have to do is let people know you are interested in networking at a professional level and that you are looking for people who are experienced in the field of nursing. Many schools have online resources and forums where students, past and present, can talk with each other and share their experiences.

You may also wish to seek national organizations in the fields of nursing as you can obtain important information as it relates to your field, find out what employers are looking for in job seekers, and stay current about nursing industry news. Check out local, state and national organizations that have professional forums where you can ask questions and seek mentors.

Another great place to network with other people in the field of nursing is through the social media site LinkedIn. LinkedIn is designed to allow business professionals and corporations to connect with job seekers. Experts will post helpful information that will allow recent graduates to create professional cover letters and develop an interview style that will land them a job. In addition, graduates from colleges all across the country will also form groups on LinkedIn to contribute their knowledge as they help others who are in the field of nursing.

When you are an adult seeking a degree, remember that you are not alone. Other people in the field of nursing are out there in the world, ready to share their knowledge and expertise so that you can become great at what you do. Seek out and connect with a favorite group so you can get the moral and spiritual support you need to have a rewarding profession.

If you still find it difficult to connect with people through national organizations and online groups, ask for suggestions through your fellow classmates and teachers at the college. They may be able to steer you on the right path, or give you the tools and resources you need to form your own group that people can join to network with others who have the same interests.