The Ultimate Online Learning FAQ

helpful-study-tips1.jpgOnline learning has taken off in the last decade, as universities have been able to offer full courses and degree programs to students who access the materials online. These courses are specifically designed for the web format, which means that students get a full educational experience without having to ever enter a physical classroom. If you’re considering online learning, you may want to have some of your most pressing questions answered first.

How will I access my coursework? All of the material for an online class is compiled in a portal that allows you easy access. You’ll be able to see your syllabus, calendar of assignment due dates, list of readings, videos, and other content. You can access the portal through a computer, tablet, or smartphone, making it easy for you to learn from wherever you are.

Do I get to interact with other students? Yes, online courses are designed with plenty of interaction. You learn from each other in addition to learning from the instructor. Much of your interaction is done through discussion boards, where you can post questions, answers, reflections, and other content related to your coursework. As you read what others have written, you can respond to the discussion with your own ideas.

How will I interact with my instructors? Your instructor will set up the whole course, including dividing it into class sessions with readings, videos, or other types of learning modules. In addition to learning from your instructor in these ways, you will also get to communicate directly with your instructor. Most instructors are active on the class discussion boards, and you can always email your instructor with specific questions as well.

What degree will I earn? An online degree looks the same as one earned on a brick and mortar campus. The specific degree you will earn depends on your program, whether it’s an associate degree, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or a master’s level degree, like a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Earning a degree online is the best method for many students, particularly adults who have jobs, family responsibilities, or other commitments that make it difficult to be in a traditional classroom for class time. If you have more questions, check out our full online learning FAQ for information specific to our online learning degrees at CCU.