2 Degrees are Better Than One: Getting your MBA in HCA

healthcare administration degreeWhile there are hundreds of different degree options out there, sometimes the selection may not seem like they fit you and your goals. Why settle for a degree that doesn’t meet your goals–sometimes two degrees are what is needed, if you want a well-rounded education. Obtaining two degrees is easier than you may think–especially if you choose Colorado Christian University. Our team of educators is dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

When deciding what type of degree or degrees to obtain, it is important to think about what your career desires may be. If you are interested in pursuing management in healthcare, one option you may consider is pursuing an MBA in HCA–This stands for a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration.

This type of degree is very professional in nature and helps you develop the needed decision making skills that are required in working in a dynamic environment such as a hospital or large medical practice. The HCA to MBA path can help you achieve nearly any goal you may have in healthcare management. During your schooling, you will learn about healthcare administration, of course, but also get an emphasis in business management, accounting and other areas that will help you succeed in your chosen field.

Another important part of any type of MBA degree–including an MBA in HCA –is the leadership portion. Here at Colorado Christian University, we give you the basis in leadership training that you will need to lead a large staff of employees once you are in your position in healthcare administration. Instead of a generic leadership education, we will offer specialized training that is targeted to your career goals.

Finally, we do not neglect the healthcare portion of your degree. With classes developed to help you succeed, you will graduate with an understanding of healthcare law, organization of healthcare systems and general policy. These healthcare classes paired with the leadership and business courses will give you the advantange you desire in today’s competitive healthcare field.

An MBA in healthcare administration equips you to deal with the changing world of healthcare today. The MBA in HCA meets the needs of many organizations and positions you to take advantage of future healthcare growth. After all, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the expected job growth from 2010 to 2020 for health and services managers is 22%