5 Exciting HCA Career Opportunities You Didn’t Know Existed

CCU College Enrollment NumbersIf you are considering a pursuing a Health Care Administration (HCA) degree, there are dozens of exciting, adventurous HCA career opportunities that many people never consider.

The health care industries account for one-sixth of our nation’s economy. People with advanced degrees and extensive managerial experience will find jobs available in research, technology and non-profit settings that offer higher than average wages and steady jobs growth for years to come.

If you are looking for a career that isn’t run-of-the-mill, perhaps one of the following careers is right for you.

Non-Profit Opportunities

Working for a non-profit organization might involve working in a corporate office on the fund-raising team, or it might involve spending 3 to 6 months aboard a floating hospital. Mercy Ships, a Christian-based non-profit that relies heavily on volunteers to deliver healthcare to people around the world, also hires professionals to manage inventory and procurement, oversee volunteer schedules and maintain health care records.

Take Your Degree to Dubai

Travel nurses have opportunities for short-term assignments across the country and in exotic places like Dubai, Morocco and Egypt. Before nurses can board the plane and assume their temporary positions, someone has to make travel arrangements and develop relationships with the host country. HCA career opportunities in this sector include planning, scheduling, and sometimes, traveling to the host country to negotiate contracts.

Medical Device Research and Development

With a degree in Health Care Administration, you can work with medical device manufacturing and technology companies. Developing and manufacturing medical devices demands skilled professionals to control inventory, monitor waste management processes, and manage staff hiring and benefits planning.

Bio-medical Photographer

If you have a strong interest and background in photography, you can use your HCA to enter the field of biomedical photography. After you complete your degree, you will need to take a test to become a Registered Biomedical Photographer (RBP). Jobs involve visually documenting medical procedures and laboratory cultures, among other medically related subjects. You might also photograph people or items for text books.

Project Administrator

If you want to impact your community, becoming a project administrator has myriad HCA career opportunities working labs, community outreach programs and both public and private agencies.

CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies HCA programs open the door for you to explore exciting career choices in your community and beyond as a Health Care Administrator.