RN to BSN Programs Online: From the Comfort of Your Own Home

BSN Degree CCUThe majority of working nurses recognize that getting a BSN automatically improves job prospects. Earning a BSN also opens up the path of continuing education to a Master or Doctorate of Nursing, advanced degrees which qualify nurses for higher-paying positions in the field, such as Nurse Anesthetist and Nurse Practitioner. It’s one thing to know how an advanced nursing degree can benefit you and another to find the time to dedicate to continued study, though.

While we know that long shifts, split shifts, and overtime are part of the trade, they don’t have to stop you from advancing your career. With the Online RN to BSN Nursing Program offered at Colorado Christian University, we provide working nurses a way to work their education around their work schedules and lives, and not the other way around.

Program Overview

Designed for working adults, the fully online RN to BSN program at CCU consists of courses in five- to ten-week blocks. Eighty-two credit hours are required on top of RN licensure to complete the course, but, with credit transfers from associate nursing degree programs, most of our RN to BSN students are able to complete the program within a single academic year.

Christian Principles

At CCU, we are proud of our Christian heritage, and, like the rest of our adult and graduate study programs, our RN to BSN nursing program is based in faith and provides the opportunity for nurses to meet and interact with other Christian nurses around the area, or even around the world if you take advantage of one of our international immersion experiences.

As a leader in Christian education in the state, we are the only nursing program in Colorado to offer a course in Christian nursing theory, giving our students a faith-centric basis for their work.


Even with classes designed for easy integration into your schedule, working toward a BSN while working as an RN can be difficult. Late nights on your feet and just enough time for shut-eye between shifts can make study seem impossible.

With all of the highest-paying jobs in the nursing field requiring advanced degrees, though, a BSN is becoming more and more of a necessity. At CCU, we want to help you earn your Bachelor Degree in Nursing and make new opportunities for yourself, which is why we offer our RN to BSN programs online. When you are ready to start down the path toward your future, we’d love to hear from you.