The 5 Best Online Programs for Military Spouses

Military Friendly SchoolsOver the last 20 or so years, schools have made many changes that support military spouses who want to get a degree or pursue a career.

Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies has dozens of online programs that lead to industry certification, associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees. All courses are taught through a Christian lens and include relevant instruction and assignments that allow you to integrate your faith with your career.

The Colorado Christian University offers a diverse set of online programs for military spouses designed to accommodate busy schedules and support professional development. As part of our commitment to support military service men and women and their families, CCU has special tuition rates for military students.

Health Care Administration

CCU offers both an associate’s degree plan and a bachelor’s degree plan in this online program for military spouses. With jobs expected to continue to grow over the next decade, this is an exciting and rewarding career path today. With an HCA degree, you can work as an administrator in clinics, nursing homes and private practice settings.

Communication Studies

Communication Studies is a program that every student can benefit from in diverse careers. Gaining knowledge about communicating with the ever-evolving digital landscape is essential for success in the business world. Whether you choose to enter a certificate program or pursue a bachelor’s degree, this online program for military spouses will prepare you to communicate effectively with peers, customers and partners in almost every sector of the market place.

Business Management-Minor

The Business Management Minor is a perfect complement to our other degree programs with an emphasis on developing ethical leadership principles. The course covers basics in finance, accounting, marketing and business.

Psychology: Two Year Program

This faith-based program prepares graduates with an associate’s degree for entry-level positions in mental health settings and community outreach programs, as well as working with mental health professionals who provide counseling and services to the aging population. It also lays the foundation for entrance into advance degree plans for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.


This online program for military spouses provides advanced training for complex topics that include genomics, bioethics and global health concerns. With an emphasis on Christian nursing theory and spiritual health practices, graduates are prepared to take their faith into the work environment.