The Highest Paying HCA Jobs

Lucrative HCA jobs are a reality; health care administration and management careers are currently on the rise, as statistics from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) report that outlook is excellent for applicants with healthcare experience and management skills. Medical and health services manager positions are expected to grow 22% between 2010-2020, faster than the national average for all jobs. Individuals who work in these areas are responsible for helping to direct and coordinate healthcare services in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, ambulatory services as well as home healthcare facilities. Some of the more lucrative HCA jobs include the following:

Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

The CNO is the highest rank in nursing administration. With many current CNO’s projected to retire in the coming decade, this field of management will offer many new opportunities. The area of nursing management offers several levels of opportunity. Candidates might begin as the supervisor of a nursing ward and then work their way up to middle management. They may eventually be promoted to the nursing supervisor of a hospital or clinical department. From there, advancement to the director level of nursing offers the opportunity to preside over numerous clinical departments. Nurses who are interested in becoming a CNO should be an active member of an accredited organization. The highest levels in nursing management and administration require a master’s degree in health or a doctorate in nursing. Salary levels average $100,000 or more.

Human Resources Management

Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other healthcare facilities need skilled personnel. To obtain top applicants, these facilities require outstanding human resources staff. Bringing in top physicians and surgeons for specialized fields of work at the medical facility requires finesse and talent. Since there are currently about 14 million healthcare workers in the U.S., excellent human resource personnel will continue to be in demand in the industry. Education in human resource management, healthcare administration and business management can help support this career path.

Health Information Management

The management of patient records in an organized, efficient and accurate manner is a key part of every healthcare facility. The professionals who manage this data provide an integral service to patients, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Information management requires the maintaining of facility computer systems as well as patient data and records. Health information management professionals should have a firm grasp of medical classification systems and terminology.

There are a multitude of lucrative HCA jobs available within the field of health information management. Degree programs in health information management include the study of medicine, management, information technology, finance and even law. Health information management candidates can expect to earn an annual salary ranging from $30,000 to $75,000 within the first five years.